Adam Rice

I'm a designer at FullStory.

Take Heat From Real Users to Map a Better Product Feature

How did we decide to evolve FullStory's Click Maps and create Engagement Heatmaps? A behind-the-scenes look at our product research....

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GDPR Made to Order in FullStory

The General Data Protection Regulation soon goes into effect. That's why FullStory offers new capabilities to help you manage your session replay in a post-GDPR world....

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Get Email Notifications on Your FullStory Segments

Get notified on a daily or weekly about all the segments you care about in FullStory. Receive summary stats on your key customer segments, team highlights, and more right in your inbox....

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Sharing the Love with FullStory Sessions

T’was a time when it was impossible to share and view FullStory sessions without a full-on FullStory account. T’was also a time...

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Taking Baby Steps (and Leaps) Towards a Better UI

Have you logged into FullStory lately? It looks a little different from what you might remember. The new, subtle changes belie grander works in...

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