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Marketing & Partnerships for FullStory. Previously Integrations & Partnerships for MailChimp.

Combating Bias in User Testing

Many of us know the bewildered feeling that often washes over us while we watch a user test our product for the first time. We’...

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Measuring the Launch of FullStory Free—with FullStory

A few weeks ago, we launched something really big for our company: a free—forever!—plan. (More on why we decided to do this...

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What Incentives Are Your Support Metrics Creating?

The media scholar John Culkin, paraphrasing his friend Marshall McLuhan’s thoughts, said, “We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” He...

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How Are Paid Visits from Google and Facebook Actually Performing?

Over the weekend, several of our fans alerted us to a blog post on You Exec. In it, You Exec uses FullStory to compare...

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The Fastest Funnels on the Web

ATTENTION: Learn all about funnels on FullStory in our updated post from April 2018! 👉 GO: FullStory Funnels After launching FullStory 4, our brand new...

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How to Avoid Empathy Fatigue on Your Support Team

Empathy fatigue is a condition that’s well-known outside the tech industry and barely known at all inside of it. Social workers, therapists, nurses...

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