Amy Ellis

Marketing & Partnerships for FullStory. Previously Integrations & Partnerships for MailChimp.

Improve Your Digital Experience With Qualtrics and FullStory

FullStory’s partnership with Qualtrics will make it easy for companies to seamlessly combine qualitative customer feedback with robust, digital experience data....

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Fix Friction Faster with FullStory & Pendo

Pendo and FullStory finally work together to help you fix friction in your product as fast as possible. Learn how this integration works—it's available now!...

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Finding Friction In Your User Journey and How to Fix It

Join experts from Gainsight and FullStory as they share insights about product friction and what to do about it to increase engagement and adoption....

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Combating Bias in User Testing

Many of us know the bewildered feeling that often washes over us while we watch a user test our product for the first time....

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Measuring the Launch of FullStory Free—with FullStory

A few weeks ago, we launched something really big for our company: a free—forever!—plan. (More on why we decided to do this...

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What Incentives Are Your Support Metrics Creating?

The media scholar John Culkin, paraphrasing his friend Marshall McLuhan’s thoughts, said, “We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” He...

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