Hunter Garrett

Content Marketing at FullStory and part-time YouTuber.

FullStory Leadership Spotlight: Jamie Garverick

We sat down with Jamie Garverick, Head of Sales, to talk about what brought him to FullStory and his plan to shape our sales team....

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The Good and Bad of Product Friction | FullStory Live

Learn how to identify product friction, solve for different types, and why it's not always bad on this episode of FullStory Live....

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How OKRs and Agile Methodologies Work Together | FullStory Live

Find out the pros and cons of OKR and Agile, tips on how they can work together, and which works best for your team on this episode of FullStory Live....

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How We Develop Product Metrics and KPIs | FullStory Live

Learn about "North Star Metrics," the best tools to gather and understand product metrics, and how to better serve customers with data analysis on this episode of FullStory Live....

The Power of Cross-Functional Collaboration | FullStory Live

Hanna Woodburn, Product Marketing Manager at FullStory, sat down with Justin Dilley, FullStory Head of Product to discuss cross-functional collaboration....

3 Product Management Challenges for Improving CX in 2019

Does your team want to improve customer experience in 2019? Use these three product management challenges to help identify areas for improvement....

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