Joel Webber

Engineer, dad, Xoogler, co-founder @FullStory. Reformed drummer and game developer.

FullStory Now Supports Shadow DOM

Does FullStory work with the Shadow DOM? Yes, we do! Here's how we've upped our session replay game yet again and what it means for you....

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Co-browse With Customers in Real-Time With FullStory Go Live

We love to call FullStory a “DVR for all your customer interactions,” and for the most part, it is. FullStory allows you to record...

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Does FullStory work with {framework}?

FullStory session replay records CSS animations, SVG vector graphics (plus animations), hover cursors/effects, embeddåed iframes, window resizing, AJAX URL navigation, HTML5 audio and video, multi-touch events, more....

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