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Hugging customers (figuratively) by improving product on behalf of FullStory.

Tales From eTail West 2018 to Help You Improve Your Customer Journey

What was the buzz at eTail West 2018? Human experience, customer experience, personalization, and data were all hot topics. We discuss these topics whether there was more to them than just buzz....

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Why We Suffer Silly Titles — Confessions of a FullStory Hugger

At FullStory, we've embraced a unique approach to customer advocacy, putting it at the heart of all we do. Our frontline "Huggers" troubleshoot with empathy and help translate our customers' needs into a more intuitive and delightful product....

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How InVision Picks the Right Product Management Tools for Support

Support teams almost always know more about their customers than anyone they work with. They’re talking to them constantly, whether through email, chat,...

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FullStory’s Secret Recipe for the Tastiest Support Metrics

Hi, my name is Jaclyn and I’m a Hugger. <queue chorus of Hi Jaclyn> Hugging, for those unfamiliar with this FullStory...

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4 Tips for Helping Your Customers Support Themselves

As a FullStory Hugger, part of my job involves helping customers, but in more forms than the traditional ticket-jockeying of a support agent role....

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Empathy at Scale: Meet FullStory Huggers

Everybody looooves talking about “scale” these days. But how do you scale “genuinely giving a crap about your customers”? We recently asked ourselves that...

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