Jaime Yap

Software Engineer at FullStory. Former Googler. Lover of Table Tennis and Greg Egan novels.

What are Web Heatmaps, Really? (And the 4 Major Problems of Heat Mapping Tools)

Heatmaps visualize aggregate user behaviors (clicks, mouse movements) on a website/app using color. Learn how heat map tools work—and how they don't....

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See What Clicks Quick With Engagement Heatmaps on FullStory

FullStory now has Engagement Heatmaps. A colorful visual overlay ready from within session replay to show you how aggregate users are interacting with your site or app....

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Page Insights with Click Maps

Get more out of session replay with Page Insights Click Maps. Visualize engagement statistics and see how groups of users interact. It's heat maps evolved....

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Lights, Camera, Insights! With Inspect Mode, You’re the Director

Have you ever watched a customer’s session and suddenly been struck with curiosity about the interaction or behavior you see? (If the answer...

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How Do You Know Which Sessions to Watch? Let FullStory Show You

Session replay shows you the exact issues that users encounter on your site. Learn how to search Rage Clicks, Dead Clicks, and Error Clicks....

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Control When You Need It

Based on multiple customer requests, we recently released several new features that give you more control over when FullStory recordings are generated. You can...

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