Josh Teague

Product Design at FullStory, previously Google.

Search and Segment FullStory Sessions—Replay What Matters Most

Search and segment session recordings based on users, interactions, or events in FullStory to filter your analysis to the results that matter most....

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Behind the Design: FullStory Go Live

Just last week we released a new feature called “Go Live” — a co-browsing addition to session playback that lets you ride along with your...

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Engaging Engineers in the Design Process

Working with engineers is a topic I’ve become rather passionate about, but it’s not something I was thrilled by coming out of...

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New in FullStory: Session Notes

In the early 1800s an expedition was commissioned by the U.S. Government to explore the West and find a practical route to the...

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Left Shark Needs Love, Too

As you might already know, the current web sensation — and breakout Super Bowl star — is the so called “Left Shark” of the game’s...

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In Your Element: Easily Search User Interactions by CSS Selectors

As many of our customers begin to use FullStory, we often hear this kind of question: Okay, so I have FullStory running on our...

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