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3 Rules for Improving the Mobile E-Commerce Experience

In 2018 Mobile e-commerce has emerged as a critical path to sales, whether on mobile, across devices, or from online to store. Leading e-commerce businesses are making the mobile user experience fast and frictionless....

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4 Must-have E-Commerce Segments to Accompany Your Cart and Checkout

Optimize your checkout funnels, reduce errors on product pages, identify popular products, and check-in on your most-anxious customers with these eCommerce segments in FullStory....

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Record and Playback vs. Session Replay—What's the Difference?

Record and Playback tools and Session Replay tools sound similar but they differ greatly. Understand their debugging and QA uses plus the benefits and trade-offs....

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Refine Your Rage Clicks Results

Rage Clicks can signal user frustration—rapid-fire clicks act as a proxy for struggle that's captured in session recordings. But what if those clicks are working as designed?...

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6 Custom Segments for SaaS-y FullStorians

Recently, I was catching up with some friends who work at a SaaS startup. We were watching their FullStory sessions together and someone super...

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