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Detroit-born, Vancouver-based. A writer-marketer, obsessed with helping companies connect with their customers through impactful content and communication.

FullStory delivers 411% ROI to an enterprise retailer according to a new Total Economic Impact study

How an enterprise retailer that deploys FullStory's digital experience analytics platform saw ROI of 411% and payback in under three months....

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Digital or bust: CEO at digital-first brand, Pirate Ship, on the future of commerce

In part III of our series on digital transformation, Bjorn Borstelmann, CEO at Pirate Ship, shares digital lessons learned and his perspective on the future of commerce....

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How organizational culture supports digital transformation: Insights from Moosejaw’s CTO

In part II of our series on digital transformation, Moosejaw's CTO discusses digital strategy, fostering innovation, and the importance of C-level support....

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How to do digital transformation: Insights from a leading digital consultancy

What does the term 'digital transformation' actually mean—and how do you do it? In a 3-part series, experts weigh in on how lay a strategic foundation for digital transformation success....

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Elevate your digital customer support experience with the Modern Support Stack

Best-in-class solutions across eight technology categories make up the Modern Customer Support Stack....

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64 Stats to Build a Business Case for Better Digital Experience

Better digital experience often requires organizational change. How do you get buy-in for the changes you need to enact? Start by linking DX to business impact....

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