Scott Voigt

Founder and CEO.

Behold FullStory 4 With OmniSearch

Disclaimer: The following is a bit self-indulgent. When I reread this in 4 years, I’ll almost certainly roll my eyes at the corny zeal...

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With Segment Install FullStory with the Flip of a Switch

At FullStory, we value providing you information about your users as quickly and easily as possible. Today, we are making it even easier to...

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Introducing Your Digital Bug-Swatter: FullStory + BugSnag

Session replay has become a powerful debugging tool. That's why FullStory and Bugsnag have teamed up to make tracking down and fixing bugs easier...

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Listen to Your Users with FullStory + UserVoice

UserVoice and FullStory share a common mission: make customers happier. UserVoice products allow you to get feedback from customers, provide application support, and share...

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