Stephanie Brubaker

Software Engineer at FullStory, formerly at Google. Lover of art, electronics, and graph theory.

Letting Design into the Heart of Engineering

Engineers build amazing things, but in many cases we’re shielded from the customer experience by layers of product management, UX, and design. Consider the...

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Optimize for Every Customer with the Device Breakdown Searchie

As much as we members of the SaaS industry hate to face reality, it’s a terrible practice to optimize your site for desktop...

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Liberty and Data for All: Why We’re Giving You More FullStory, Free

Let me share a little-known secret: FullStory wasn’t the first product we tried making when we decided to start-up a software company. FullStory...

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Searchies: Answers, Before You Ask

If you were to stroll through FullStory’s blog archives and tarry to read some of our older posts, you might think that FullStory...

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3 to Search On: Has Never, Is Not in the Last, Param Starts With

FullStory is great for finding customers who do things. But up until now, it’s been kind of abysmal for finding customers who don’...

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Find Issues *Before* They’re Reported

Hey, Stephanie here, one of the engineers at FullStory. Remember back in the day when, after deploying new features to a site, the only...

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