If you’ve ever wanted aggregate, trended “health” metrics for a given segment of your users, then look no further than the just-released Segment Health Searchie in FullStory.

Now you can get average active time, average session length, and average events per session on-the-fly for whatever subset of your recorded user sessions you search on, across whatever time frame you require.

Here is what it looks like:

An example of the Segment Health Searchie in the FullStory app.

Next time you log in to FullStory, look for the Segment Health “Searchie”[1] — you’ll find it waiting for you below your list of sessions:

Spot the Segment Health Searchie at the bottom left. Click the card to expand the view for a closer look.

What can the Segment Health Searchie tell you?

The Segment Health Searchie can give you a sense of how active a segment of users are on your web site or app. What might Segment Health tell you? Some potential ways to put this data to use:

  • See a spike in active time? Refine your search to the period in question, and replay sessions to determine what was happening.
  • How long are your sessions? Is session length staying constant, trending up, or falling? Investigate as needed — refine your search and see if there are sub-segments that are driving the trends.
  • How active are users within a session? Are they staying engaged with the site or app? Refine the segment further, paying attention to how Segment Health metrics change and look for trends.

Compare segments to tease out insights.

Comparing segments in FullStory is sure to result in some compelling, thought-provoking insights — it's where the qualitative meets the quantitative come together.

To get started, try the following out-of-the-box comparison:

  1. Pull up the “Everyone” segment (this is the default view in FullStory) — jot down the metrics for this segment in the Segment Health Searchie. This can be your baseline.
  2. Next, change segments to “Rage clicked recently,” making sure your time periods are the same as in 1., above.
  3. Do a side-by-side comparison of Rage clicker metrics to Everyone.

The differences very well may be tantalizing — and quantifiably painful. Don’t be surprised if you find that you have up to 10X more events per session on average for your Rage Clickers. You might also see potential increases in session length and active time.

Other intriguing comparisons might involve newer users versus seasoned veterans (Your power users). Or compare adopters of a given feature to those who have ignore the feature completely. Spot any differences in activity?

Use the Segment Health Searchie — let us know what you think!

We’re eager to hear how FullStory users can tease out insights from knowing more aggregated session-based metrics of users and segments of users. If you are putting the Segment Health Searchie to work, let us know what you think. Drop us an email at thefuture@fullstory.com or find us on Twitter.

  1. “Searchies” are those search-sensitive charts and graphs that appear as cards below your list of user sessions. If you’re a FullStory user, you’ve probably already put Searchies to work. You see them every time you log in. ↩︎