When we’re too focused on managing the customer support queue we can end up not focusing on the overall customer experience. That’s not a place we want to end up.

My name is Ben McCormack and I’m a Hugger at FullStory. I recently gave a 20 minute presentation on the topic of queue addiction and what customer support folks can do to break the addiction and deliver an improved customer experience.

Topics covered:

  • The dopamine feedback loop (0:55)—what this has to do with queue management.
  • Being addicted to the queue (3:55)—what queue addiction looks like for agents and managers.
  • Putting people who reach out for support in context (5:08)— why do people reach out to support? The objective of customer support and how it can lead to a myopic response to customer experience.
  • Culling the bug list (7:15)—Holding weekly triage meetings for the purpose of improving the product through connecting customer support, developers, and the QA team and identifying the bugs that matter the most through data.
  • Improving self-service (8:47)— Adding analytics to the knowledge base (e.g. failed search terms, see when people abandoned the KB and contacted support)
  • Improving support processes (9:46) — audit metrics (measure response time, add CSAT, etc.)
  • Zooming out (10:20)—where we focus because of queue addiction.
  • Building slack (not the app) into your workflow (11:37)—by taking advantage of Parkinson’s Law (Also covered in-depth in this blog post)
  • Identifying output (14:19)—going from high-level goals to measurable outputs.
  • Measuring the results (18:00)—the importance of measuring results, especially for support managers.

If you enjoyed the presentation, you can find further reading at benmccormack.com/elevate.