If your company uses HipChat for intra-office communication, you might be feeling left out of the FullStory integration party. Last year we introduced a Slack integration, allowing sessions to be shared to the Slack channel of your choice directly from the FullStory dashboard. Perhaps you gazed enviously at your Slack-using friends and neighbors, silently shaking your fist in rage as they shared FullStory sessions amongst their team members like a tasty plate of antipasto. Or perhaps you brooded alone, waiting for the day your session-sharing star would shine.

HipChat friends, Romans, countrymen, that day is finally upon us! May the star of your customer experience passion shine bright, for now, you are the bringer of insight and knowledge! You have stolen fire from the gods! You can easily share FullStory sessions with your colleagues using your favorite office chat client!

To get started, visit our help document on the HipChat integration, or read on:


To enable and set up the integration from your FullStory account:

  1. Login to FullStory
  2. Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Integrations & API Keys'
  3. Click the 'Add' button next to HipChat

  1. Click the Authorize button to connect FullStory to your HipChat account.
  2. Enter your HipChat login information when prompted.
  3. Choose the HipChat room in which you’d like notes to be shared.

  1. Approve FullStory’s access to your HipChat account.

  1. After approving, you’ll be redirected back to your FullStory account. Now, when you create a note on a user session in FullStory, you’ll see a link to send that note to HipChat.

Additional Settings

You’ll also notice that you have some additional options in your HipChat integration settings. You can choose to have FullStory automatically share session notes to the designated HipChat room (rather than only when you manually choose to share them). You can also have FullStory share helpbot notes to the designated HipChat room. You’ll see these options in the HipChat section of your Integrations & API Keys.

Ready to light the fire under your company’s CX?

FullStory aims to be the toolset that helps unlock the empathy and insight needed to craft your perfect customer experience. But even a titan can’t do it alone; if you want people to love your company, every department needs to treat customer experience as a religion. Thanks to our HipChat integration, it’s easier than ever for you to share your customer lovin’ passion with your team. Go on, bring the fire.

Questions? Concerns? Want to buy us 4 beers? Catch us on Twitter @fullstory or send an email to hugs@fullstory.com!