Update, November 4, 2019 — It’s been over two years since we wrote this post. A lot has changed at FullStory—from paradigm-shifting product improvements to major company growth. Not surprisingly, the details of this post are now mostly a glimpse of the past. However, that shouldn’t matter to you because the spirit of “Continuity” hasn’t changed at all, and what was said in May 2017 still applies today:

“You decide when your price changes … Your price only changes when you explicitly choose to modify your plan.”

As was the case then is still the case today: You’re in the driver’s seat. (And should you want to modify your plan, we’re here to help.)

Original post:

I half-jokingly paraphrase our mission as “all we want is for FullStory to help make all software perfect for all humans, okay?” How does pricing fit into that equation?

Ideal pricing and packaging would perfectly balance each customer’s sense of value and affordability with, well, revenue. Yet every time pricing or packaging changes, it affects existing customers. If your existing customers are happy, you definitely don’t want to mess that up.

This post describes how we think about these things at FullStory so that you can have an accurate mental model of what to expect from us regarding pricing and packaging over time.

What we care about.

Let’s start with the fundamentals:

  • We have a deeply-felt mission at FullStory to help businesses create better online experiences, as described when we launched FullStory Free.
  • We have an ambitious product vision to fulfill our mission and a belief that, mostly, the best products will win.
  • We want the experience of being a FullStory customer to be utterly delightful. That’s why we invented Hugging.
  • Because business, revenue.

After we explored the space [at 1:45 — worth it], our product team landed on two concepts that aim to keep things easy and predictable in your subscription even as we evolve: Packs and Continuity.

Introducing FullStory Packs.

To enable more flexible packaging, we’re introducing Packs so that you can buy (only) what’s right for you.

FullStory Packs are groups of related features that, as a FullStory subscriber, you can choose to buy — or not. Packs are meant to help you craft a subscription plan that you find valuable without feeling forced to pay a one-size-fits-all price. Just subscribe to the Packs you find useful.

You’ll see the new Packs section when you visit the “Update Plan” section in Settings > Subscription. You might also notice Pack features marked as such elsewhere in FullStory.

Over time, features may move from one Pack to another. Or features may move from FullStory Pro into a Pack (or vice versa). Even the set of Packs themselves will evolve. In short: expect tweaks. So, what happens to existing customers as features, Packs, and prices change?

Hello, Continuity!

Above all, we want existing customers to remain as happy as backflipping clams. Our hypothesis is that adjusting pricing and packaging isn’t intrinsically a problem as long as nobody feels like they’re getting a bad deal in the process.

We’ve worked extremely hard to make even pricing changes as friendly as possible in FullStory, and what we came up with is an approach we call “Continuity.” Here’s how it works.

You decide when your price changes.

Even if we change our pricing structure after you subscribe to FullStory, we won’t change your monthly price. As a customer, you don’t have to do anything in particular to benefit from Continuity — that’s just how FullStory subscription management is designed to work. Your price only changes when you explicitly choose to modify your plan.

Above you can see an example of an existing customer who has Continuity for existing features but would like to add the Data Export Pack.

If you do want to make a change or explore your options, we made an easy, transparent, self-service subscription editor so that you can freely experiment with speculative plan changes without committing.

Adding a new Pack, changing data retention history, or increasing your quota in the subscription editor will generate an updated quote based on the latest pricing structure. And, once you click submit, that’s your new price, and Continuity locks it in for you.

Continuity and Packs work together.

As FullStory evolves, the provenance of features may change. Sometimes a feature that was included in FullStory Pro may move into a Pack or vice versa. We may reorganize which features are offered in each Pack.

Continuity shields you from all of that rejiggering. We want to make sure that any feature that you chose to pay for will continue to be available to you within the original pricing scheme to which you agreed. No feature that you’ve been paying for will disappear out from under you, even if packaging details change.

Pricing is a boring topic, so why did we write this post?

We wanted to write this for three reasons.

First, the FullStory app uses the term “Continuity” in the subscription editor, and we wanted to have a link to point to (i.e. this post) that explains the concept.

Second, we wanted to be transparent about the fact that we’re likely to change prices and features repeatedly in the coming years, but we didn’t want to spam you with annoying “Price updates coming — here’s what you need to know” emails.

Finally and most importantly, we wanted to be clear that even as we evolve FullStory, we’re working hard to make sure that your individual experience with the FullStory subscription process is as predictable, fair, and lovable as we can possibly make it.