Based on multiple customer requests, we recently released several new features that give you more control over when FullStory recordings are generated.

You can now selectively manage and control which domains you allow to record to FullStory, preventing things like test or staging instances from generating sessions. No need to modify or bifurcate your code, simply click a switch to enable or disable a domain or subdomain.

Attack of the Clones.

To supplement domain blocking, we also added the ability to add filters for client IP addresses as well as User-Agent substrings, right from your FullStory settings.

Many customers want to omit traffic generated by their employees, who work behind a shared IP address. We find value in seeing our own company traffic visiting FullStory, but we understand why some companies might not. Just add an IP address, and any client browser with that IP address that visits your site won’t have a FullStory recording generated.

Robots and automated crawlers aren’t usually an issue for web applications that exist behind a log in. But many of our customers run FullStory on public facing, content-rich sites. And robots can generate lots of unwanted sessions. We’ve added the ability to add User-Agent substrings to prevent these visits from generating sessions. If the string you specify is contained at all in the User-Agent reported by the robot when it visits, we won’t generate a recording.

Our goal is to make FullStory easy to use and filled with the features you need. If you have any feedback on these features or thoughts on new features, let us know!