We’ve long known that FullStory is the perfect complement to traditional analytics apps like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Kissmetrics (just to name a few; not trying to play favorites, we swear). It’s easy to see how the two technologies fit together: analytics help you figure out what questions you should be asking about your customer experience, and FullStory helps answer them.

Mixpanel is a name we hear mentioned time and time again by our customers, and it’s no wonder why. Its charts, funnels, and reports are terrific for viewing aggregate trends in the user journey and keeping a close eye on your app’s overall performance. But at the end of the day, we learned that traditional analytics apps leave our customers frustrated in the why department: why are visitors leaving after the 3rd step in the funnel? Why is the bounce rate higher on one landing page than another? Why is total revenue down for the month?

FullStory helps you get to the heart of why by letting you visualize and understand the customer interactions on your site that add up to the aggregate numbers. Now, with the Mixpanel integration, it’s easier than ever to go from question to answer to “fixed it!”

Get FullStory sessions inside your MixPanel dashboard

Our integration with Mixpanel adds a FullStory Session URL to every Mixpanel event as one of the event properties. You can easily see the customer’s experience when they completed the event and explore their journey before and after the action was taken. We also add a link to the most recent FullStory session available for each person in Mixpanel.


  1. Log in to FullStory
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations & API Keys
  3. Click the Add button next to Mixpanel

  1. Confirm the Enable button is toggled on.

That’s it! FullStory will now automatically pass session URLs into Mixpanel for any event you’re tracking there.

What about events I’m not currently tracking in Mixpanel?

Unlike Mixpanel, FullStory lets you search on anything, even events you’re not manually tracking. (In fact, there is no manual tracking in FullStory — we capture data for every user action and event, automatically.)

Use FullStory’s event search to get details on who’s performing the actions you’re interested in, how many people are doing them, and, with a click of the play button, see what their experience was like in the moment. Learn all about searching by events here.

Ready to get the story behind the charts?

The Mixpanel integration is already available in your account. Turn it on, try it out, and let us know what you think @fullstory on Twitter!