Using Rage Clicks, Error Clicks, and Dead Clicks

“How do I know which sessions to watch?”

This is, perhaps, the most-asked question in FullStory history. And one of the hardest to answer.

Until now, to find unhappy customers in FullStory, you had to start with a hypothesis and test it with targeted searches. But today we’re releasing an update to our customer happiness platform that makes it easier than ever to find exactly what frustrates your users.

How do you know which sessions to watch? Now, FullStory can show you.

Finding Frustrated Users on Your Site or App.

Starting today, FullStory can intelligently surface frustration signals: those moments in your recorded sessions that, though painful to watch, teach you something insightful about your user’s experience with your product.

Better yet, we put Rage Clicks directly into your left-hand sidebar as a default segment. If you want to build a more customized search, you can also find it, along with its siblings, Error Clicks and Dead Clicks, under Search Everyone > Event Scope.

What do they do, and how can you use them? So glad you asked.

Rage Clicks.

Rage Clicks are kinda like punching your computer with your finger because it didn’t do what you wanted it to. The specific trigger for a rage click is clicking multiple times, rapidly, in the same area. Most rage clicks signal that your site didn’t react the way your customer wanted or thought it should — and you might want to take a look at changing it.

Check out the default “Rage clicked recently” segment in your FullStory sidebar, or build your own search using Rage Clicks and any combination of User Scope or Event Scope queries.

Why don’t rage clicks work for me?

You may be one of our customers whose rage click sessions don’t seem very ragey. That’s because some kinds of UI components, like Next and Previous buttons, naturally invite repeated clicks, which may trigger our heuristic even though it’s “intended” behavior. (Then again, you may want to revisit any UI that requires users to click rapidly and repeatedly to accomplish a common task.)

When combined with additional search refinements like a CSS selector or visited page, searching for rage clicks can help you ask powerfully targeted questions about whether or not specific parts of your UI are frustrating users.

FullStory Error Clicks.

We designed error clicks to surface the click in a user’s session right before a client-side JavaScript error occurs.

While we stand by the old adage “correlation does not mean causation,” we still think correlation is an important tool for figuring out what the heck the causation might be. So we recommend searching for Error Clicks > On Anything, scoping the search to Today or This Week, and watching some sessions. Break open FullStory’s powerful console log recorder, and you now have more insight than ever into those sessions that mysteriously go off the rails.

Dead Clicks

Despised especially by interface designers, dead clicks are clicks that have no effect on the page. Does that image look like it should zoom in when you click it, but doesn’t? Do users consistently expect that text string to be a link? Is that form-submit button just not working? Searching for dead clicks helps you find the locations where these fruitless interactions are happening.

Go fight rage-inducing experiences!

Using the new Magic Moments, we’ve already found huge wins for some of our early beta testers. We don’t want to keep the insights surfaced by these search enhancements from you any longer.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have planned for FullStory. We’ll continue to roll out helpful search queries like these, plus more happiness-boosting features you and your customers will love. Together, we can win the fight against bad user experience on the web!

Now, let’s go turn