When it comes to adding buttons and controls to our UI, we are a judicious lot, but we are even more judicious when it comes to sending you emails. As such, we took our time when we crafted our weekly digest emails, taking steps to ensure they were more helpful than interruptive.

But not long after releasing the feature we got to thinking: how could we make our digest emails even more meaningful? We realized they'd benefit from personalization and more flexibility around when they are sent.

Get your daily, weekly, or never-ly notifications!

Now, you can have your FullStory Digest delivered to your inbox on a weekly, daily or never-ly basis (We sincerely hope you don’t choose the “neverly” option—a.k.a. Off). Also, the digest email can be customized. Now you can add—or remove—any segment to your digest email.

In the FullStory app, look above your list of sessions and to the right. There you'll see options to "Add to digest" or if it's already in your digest, the ability to toggle between Daily or Weekly alerts. You can also navigate to Settings > Profile and your Notification settings on a more granular and global basis.

To get started, look to the top right of any segment’s user list and click “Add to digest” to add that segment to your weekly or daily digest. You can also add or remove any of our canned segments that are automatically included in your email.

In your digest email, you'll receive a summarized update on the segments you’re following that highlights the change in population from the prior day or week (depending on your settings). Additionally, we'll show you the five most dramatically changed segments in Standout segments. Finally, all of your followed segments will be listed alphabetically at the bottom of the digest.

An example of a Daily Digest from FullStory. It includes highlights—changes from the last period and "Standout Segments," which highlights the most changed segments since the last Digest was sent.

As always, the digest email will include updates regarding session notes and any segments your teammates create. Plus, you'll be updated on new members added to your FullStory squad.

It’s all the segments that matter most to you (and more) in one email. Try it now: log in to FullStory, head to your Profile in the Settings zone of the app and adjust your notifications.

Or simply start adding and removing segments to your digest email as you navigate your segments and searches in the FullStory app. It’s tons of fun.