Is the user experience passing or failing?

You’ve hit the books on improving your web site — searching and segmenting your users and watching session replay after session replay. Powered by empathy-driving insights, you’ve reduced Rage Clicks with better design, discovered JavaScript errors and squashed bugs, and A/B tested pages, increasing conversions.

You’re on the right track toward building a better online experience for your users yet you still wonder — what more can be done?

Advancing frustration detection online.

FullStory users are familiar with the industry-first “Rage Click” tracking we launched in 2015.

Rage Clicks are those moments when your users rapid-fire click (or tap) some element on your web site, figuratively punching their browser in the face in frustration. Rage Clicks, as well as Error Clicks, Dead Clicks, Form Abandonment, and Thrashed Cursor (a.k.a. thrashing cursor) are all potential signals of frustration on your web site or app. Sessions that contain these signals of struggle and user rage hint that some part (or parts) of your online experience is broken.

Just how broken is it, in aggregate? You’ve had no way to see the aggregated effect of frustration on your site — or how well your site (or app) stacks up compared to the competition.

That is, until now.

Your online experience just got benchmarked.

FullStory has built a new way to understand — at a glance — just how your online experience compares to your industry.


Rage Grade uses machine intelligence to understand in aggregate all the frustration signals generated by your users. Rage Clicks before an Abandoned Form? Error Clicks preceding Thrashing Mouse? Any combination in between?

FullStory will tally up these signals and benchmark your customer experience against your industry.

The result is a letter grade — your Rage Grade — from A to C- (and every grade in between) and a percentile rank of where your online experience falls relative to industry peers.

In addition to your Rage Grade, if you’re an A- or lower, you’ll get a list of the top ten sessions that contributed to your Grade so that you can hit the books on just what went wrong — and study up on how you can increase your grade.

Your grade has been posted. Go find it in FullStory!

Your Rage Grade is waiting for you in FullStory—go log in and scroll past your list of sessions. You’ll find your Rage Grade waiting for you.

Three things you need to know about Rage Grade:

  • If you have an A- or lower, you’ll get a list of frustrated session recordings that you can watch to understand the sessions that contain the highest levels of frustration.
  • Rage Grades are scored for the five major segments in FullStory— Everyone, Signed-up, New this week, Rage clicked recently, and Mobile. If you want to learn even more about Rage Grade, take a stroll over to this knowledge base article.
  • Finally, Rage Grade is a FullStory Pro feature, so if you’re a Pro customer — or new to FullStory but still in your FullStory Pro 14-day free trial—your Rage Grade awaits.

Want to see if your site or app is at the head of it’s class? Go nerd out in FullStory. And if you’re feeling like a dunce, use FullStory to see what you can do to improve your online experience.

Want to do more to reduce frustration on the web?

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