As Digital Analytics Director, Simon Trudeau is responsible for everything tracking- and reporting-related at Breather. What is Breather? Breather provides private workspaces where and when you need them, in hundreds of locations across North America and the UK.

However, Breather had a bit of a problem. Even though they had implemented a full suite of quantitative tracking tools, many internal teams still felt in the dark when it came to actually understanding the user experience.

“We needed a better qualitative understanding of our user behaviors in order to develop the best product possible, help our customers, and reduce friction.”

Being able to see how visitors used their site was mission critical. Breather provides custom-designed workspaces flexibly and on-demand. Keeping this experience beautiful and effortless from the website to the booking process to the office itself was essential.

Pulling back the curtains.

Breather’s Customer Care team felt most in the dark. Anyone who’s worked in customer service before knows how difficult it is to troubleshoot a problem that isn’t reproducible or sort out what’s going on behind a complex bug.

“We’ve created a FullStory integration in our Admin Panel, which we call Backstage,” Simon told us. “This enables our Customer Care team to easily access user sessions to support our customers. It gives complete transparency on a user’s experience. If a user claims a booking was made or cancelled, we can really understand what happened.”

Breather team members using Backstage can easily jump to a customer’s session history in FullStory.

Backstage automatically populates the customer’s UID in a FullStory search.

Even more important than solving individual problems was the ability FullStory gave the Customer Care team to identify and resolve confusing user experience issues so they don’t occur again. For example:

“A customer reached out to us because they’d booked a space but didn’t receive a confirmation or see the reservation in their account. They reported entering their credit card details and even seeing a success screen — and yet, no reservation.

“When we watched their session, we noticed that while they did enter all the correct information and see a success screen, they didn’t actually complete the reservation process. The success screen was in reality just a confirmation that they had updated their payment information. Additional steps were needed to complete the booking.

“Once we saw what had happened and helped the customer finish their reservation, we were able to explain the confusing experience to the engineering team using powerful, visual evidence, to be improved for future bookings.”

“We were able to explain the confusing experience to the engineering team using powerful, visual evidence.”

Quick and easy debugging.

The engineering team has also experienced quick gains with the FullStory integration. Being able to see when and where errors occur has massively reduced the debugging time. Simon agrees that it’s given impressive returns:

“The monthly time saved by the engineering team alone easily pays for our FullStory subscription.”

The Breather engineering team also has access to Backstage to view user sessions. This way, it’s easy to diagnose customer complaints since they can see console errors specific to their session and see the actual path they took through the application.

Take the following case where the customer care team started hearing about a pesky bug preventing customers from signing up: in some instances, customers weren’t able to accept the TOS because the check box wasn’t visible in their browsers.

“Thanks to the FullStory sessions and all the captured DOM and asset data, the engineering team quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem,” explained Simon.

No-sweat setup.

Virtually every team at Breather has found value in FullStory, and it was simple to implement thanks to the Segment integration. “Since we were already using Segment to stream our customer data into other tools, we simply turned on the FullStory Segment integration and voilà! FullStory was live on all pages, tracked by Segment, and all our custom user properties were instantly available to be used in FullStory reports.”

While Breather did have some concerns about adding another tracking service to their site, “The performance impact of FullStory on the page load time was minimal,” according to Simon.

Better together.

Every team has reaped the benefits of seeing real user sessions in their product, and Breather has made FullStory a pillar of their workflow. They broadcast auto-playing FullStory sessions to TVs around the office and share interesting customer experiences in their Slack organization. Over 400 different user sessions have been circulated to the team!

By adding the power of FullStory to Breather’s customer success, design, and engineering workflows, Simon Trudeau changed how his teams improve their product and support their customers every day.