Today’s use-case comes from Help Scout. Help Scout’s goal is to make support easier through scalable email support, a 24/7 knowledge base, or an on-page widget. Using Help Scout as a help desk can lower email volume. As a shared Inbox, Help Scout provides client support, team collaboration, and universal reporting in one email management platform.

All of these solutions work toward making more productive teammates and happier customers.

Help Scout’s challenge — improving customer onboarding.

Knowing that onboarding is the first time customers meet the product, Help Scout wanted to ensure the experience was as clear and friendly as possible.

“When users sign-up for a trial, they’re invited to participate in steps to better acquaint them with how Help Scout works — like setting-up a mailbox and adding teammates to the account,” says Dave Martin, VP of Product at Help Scout. “We always believe we can be more helpful to the user during onboarding, and as a result, help more users through their respective use cases.”

Help Scout removes onboarding friction with FullStory.

For Help Scout, FullStory provides a bridge between the customers and the product, helping to shape the smoothest, most cohesive customer experience possible. The Help Scout team uses FullStory to identify opportunities to be more helpful and more relevant for users as they make their way through onboarding.

Help Scout makes improving the onboarding through FullStory a daily exercise. Dave shares, “Whenever I’m focusing on our onboarding funnel, I try to set aside twenty minutes each day to watch people moving through our signup flow. Doing so helps us catch bugs before users report them. It also allows me to observe where there are friction points, or if there is functionality in the flow that the majority of people aren’t using.”

The result? Improved onboarding through customer empathy.

We asked Dave to share an example of something that changed after watching FullStory session replay. Dave shared how one interface on Help Scout’s web app was causing confusion:

Using FullStory, Help Scout observed people not seeing the account owner user above (because it was greyed out), and they’d attempt to add a duplicate user. Most people would catch this in time, but it’s unneeded friction, and something that we’re improving in a future iteration.

You can see what Help Scout observed with FullStory below:

Dave concludes, “Using FullStory helps us streamline and simplify the onboarding experience. We’ll continue to use the tool to see user behavior and to better understand in real-time if updates are helping them throughout the journey.”

Thanks for sharing Dave and Help Scout!

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