Via YouTube channel Flux by Ran Segall (21K subscribers), we watched this great FullStory video testimonial.

Ran shares how he recently installed FullStory on Prospero and had his “mind blown” by FullStory session replay. We’re excited that Ran was able to put our product to work and even happier to see such a quality review about using FullStory for improving UX:

A few quotes from Ran’s video:

  • [FullStory has] been mind-blowing. It’s also super-addictive and fun. I’ve been spending the whole weekend watching how people write proposals on Prospero. It’s been super insightful.
  • You really see how my design doesn’t work in certain computer resolutions — how people are leaving because they couldn’t find a button.
  • Rather than looking at the numbers looking at the actual actions and the behavior of people has been really mind-blowing.
  • I think FullStory is really, really an awesome product. If you’re running a SaaS product you should check it out. The content is super insightful but even the product itself is — I wish Google Analytics would learn from how simple and intuitive FullStory is. It’s been a really super pleasure to use this app.

We are tickled gradient-pink by Ran’s enthusiastic reaction to FullStory and appreciate him sharing it.

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