Landing Lion is a web page building service that helps you create beautiful, custom landing pages on-the-fly. With Landing Lion, it's easy to run A/B tests, optimize for conversions (CRO), experiment, analyze, and more.

We're big fans of Landing Lion, and if you're a Landing Lion user, you'll be happy to hear that FullStory can now be easily integrated into Landing Lion.

Integrating FullStory with Landing Lion ensures that when your users navigate between your native web pages and those built using Landing Lion, you don't miss a thing. You get great Landing Lion pages and FullStory's searchable session replay.


Let's get integrated!

How to set up FullStory and Landing Lion.

If you want to turn on FullStory in your Landing Lion account, you'll have to start by having both a Landing Lion and FullStory account. If you don't have either, you can learn how to set up Landing Lion (for free) here and get started with a free trial of FullStory here.

Once you're up and running, you'll need to log in to FullStory and get your recording snippet. You can find it by navigating to Settings. Then, look in Your Recording Snippet. Copy that code and then in Landing Lion navigate to INTEGRATIONS and scroll down to FullStory. Toggle the integration on and and paste in your FullStory recording snippet.

Above is a screenshot within Landing Lion. Note the highlighted bit in the code will be different for you based on your FullStory org ID.

BOOM! ? It's that simple. From there, you'll be able to start searching for your Landing Lion page sessions directly in FullStory.

If you want to read further on the Landing Lion ⇄ FullStory integration, hop over to Landing Lion's integration page (or see their help article).

Better landing pages for everyone.

We're excited to hear how Landing Lion users are able to optimize their pages further using insights from FullStory.

Here's to building better a better web together!