Jon Sutherland launched Wiplo only a few months back. It’s a startup of two people — Jon and his fiancée, Melanie — operating out of their apartment. Their product is a virtual work space that allows teams to collaborate using cards and workflow templates.

Back in February and only a month into building Wiplo, Jon shared a list of the tools they were using that helped make “startup life a little easier.” Jon’s favorite tool was FullStory. He wrote, “FullStory is one of those wizard-like services that you can’t live without … It’s a must-have for any software startup.”

Excited to get such a magical endorsement from a young startup, we reached out to Jon to share further about how and why FullStory was so useful.

Hear what Jon had to say:

We were so excited to launch Wiplo in January. But when the first sign-ups rolled in, we realized we didn’t have a setup that let us quickly learn from users! We had our event analytics set up but still felt like we were flying blind.

FullStory helped us identify a ton of usability issues and bugs, which were causing our users to churn out fast. After a week with FullStory we had turned things around, our churn went down and our net promoter score went up.

It felt like we had a UX researcher on our team working for free.

Wiplo is making use of FullStory Free — and really, this is exactly the kind of use-case we had in mind when we created a free version of our product. What gets us excited in the case of Jon and Melanie’s startup is that FullStory is doing the job of a UX researcher, on-demand, at no cost to their new business.

It’s just an added bonus that we get to play the part of a (third-wheel?) wizard, sans long beard, tall hat, and pipe smoke.

Thanks for sharing, Jon!

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