Let me share a little-known secret: FullStory wasn’t the first product we tried making when we decided to start-up a software company. FullStory was the side-project we created because we wanted to know how our customers were engaging with our product without having to manually wire up a bunch of events. Once we’d created the tool for our own use, we wondered if other people felt the same pain. Turns out, they did.

FullStory became our primary and, eventually, only product, and when it came time to put it on the market, we followed the lead of other successful SaaS companies: charging a tiered set of flat rates for the product, plus a per-seat fee. It seemed fair at the time, and we didn’t have any reason to think it was a bad idea.

As FullStory-the-company grew up, we became customers of other software tools. We started using more apps to organize our work, manage billing, coordinate support, etc. And we felt the pain of having to pay for each additional person in every app. To minimize expense, we started excluding people from apps if they didn’t absolutely need access. Then we had to ask each other for information we couldn’t access ourselves, or (gasp) share login credentials, thereby compromising security.

We don’t want our customers to go through that kind of pain with FullStory, so we’re changing our per-user charges (“seats”). All accounts will now have 20 free seats — that’s right, 20. Are we going to lose money over this? Yes. But our mission — to make the web a better place for customers (yours and ours) — is more important than squeezing a few extra pennies of revenue out of our product.

Of course, cost isn’t the only reason why 20 free seats are better than 3. Our aim is to provide tools that help unlock the empathy and insight needed to craft an increasingly perfect customer experience. But you can’t do it alone, no matter how much you agree with that goal. If you want people to love (not just tolerate) your company, every department needs the customer experience religion. We’ve seen FullStory drive that kind of customer-focused culture within thousands of companies, and we want to remove all the obstacles preventing you from spreading the love to your coworkers.

Seat charges (for orgs with fewer than 20 seats) have already been removed from all existing customer accounts. If you’ve been paying for seats in FullStory, you’ll see a pleasant decline in the amount on your next invoice.

And of course, we can’t encourage you enough to go use those free seats to invite your teammates. Your customer’s experience belongs at the heart of everyone’s job description, from engineering to support to product management and marketing.

Now go forth and spread the love!