UserVoice and FullStory share a common mission: make customers happier. UserVoice products allow you to get feedback from customers, provide application support, and share ideas internally and externally. It’s probably not surprising, then, that many of FullStory’s customers are also UserVoice customers, so we eagerly built an integration with UserVoice’s support tool.

With just a few short steps (and minimal code), you can do something that seems almost magical: every UserVoice support ticket will have a link to the relevant FullStory session. Support agents can use FullStory playback to directly see what was happening with a user just prior to the ticket.

Fast diagnosis. No more cumbersome back-and-forths between support agents and frustrated customers, resulting in wasted time merely trying to figure out what the problem actually is. Instead, you can deliver meaningful, quick replies that make a great impression on customers.

Fast debugging. If it’s a bug, FullStory’s console error recording lets your developers easily pinpoint what went wrong, when it happened, and what the app looked like when the bug reared its bugly head. This is so powerful that we’ve had customers actually find bugs and fix them before replying to a ticket with the best line ever: “Thank you for bringing that bug to our attention. We just fixed it. Refresh the page and it will go away.” Customers love that sort of thing.

Share what you learned. You can share FullStory session URLs through UserVoice easily, eliminating process friction between support and engineering teams to keep everyone on the same page and working smoothly to take the best possible care of your customers.

You can check out UserVoice’s post here. If you have any additional recommendations for integrations, email us at!