As much as we members of the SaaS industry hate to face reality, it’s a terrible practice to optimize your site for desktop users without testing it on any other devices. It’s where many of us start our design journey, certainly, but in the Great Quest to Support Every Customer, it’s a 40-year hike through the desert from the promised land of whole-audience optimization.

Michael Moore, CIO for our customer Moosejaw Mountaineering, uses FullStory to make sure they’re optimized for over 90% of the market. If he didn’t, the outdoor gear and apparel shop would lose thousands of sales from tablet- and phone-users that seem insignificant individually, but all together add up to a tremendous amount in revenue.

Why is >90% optimization so important?

I’d like to answer this question with an interactive exercise: in FullStory, find out what percentage of your customers you would be supporting if you only optimized for desktop Chrome. It should be a snap. Here’s the answer from a sample account:

68% of this site’s visitors from the past week were on a desktop computer, using Chrome. That’s a monstrous slice of pie chart, almost seven times greater than the next largest piece, which is desktop/Firefox weighing in at a measly 10%.

But even though each subsequent browser/device combination comprises 9% or less of their total customer base, it’s important to remember that 9% of their weekly traffic equals more than 900 people. That’s 900 real, flesh-and-blood human beings who could be having a buggy, frustrating experience on the site.

All together, the little slices add up to a tasty 32%. If our sample organization only optimized for their largest customer segment, they could potentially be wasting an opportunity to convert 32% of the visitors they get every single week. That would be a real shame.

We have just the searchie for you!

The new Device Breakdown searchie divides your active segment into desktop, mobile, tablet, robot (those unmanned scripts constantly crawling the web for their search engine masters), and unknown users to create a delicious pie chart of their relative traffic shares.

But wait, there’s more! Like our other searchies, Device Breakdown is interactive, allowing you to click on a slice of the chart to instantly hone in on that segment.

If you’re not sure what your top devices are for a particular customer segment, or even for the Everyone segment, Device Breakdown illuminates the numbers for your edification. Or it can reveal surprises: say you’re running an ad on a popular site, but you’re shocked to find it drives mostly mobile traffic.

Are all your customers as happy as your desktop customers?

If you can’t confidently answer this question, you know what you have to do now. Head into FullStory, open your searchies sidebar, and use Device Breakdown to hone into your mobile, tablet, and unknown customers to find out how they’re experiencing your site. If you find some tasks to add to your bugfix list, we’re #sorrynotsorry.

Have you tried using Device Breakdown already? How is your product team handling whole-audience optimization? Hit us up on Twitter with your tips, tricks, and other stories!