Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of an official FullStory & Pendo integration. Finally, FullStory and Pendo work together to put your customer’s experience at the center of your product workflow. And frankly, we’re tickled pink about it.

If you’re at Pendomonium this week you’ll hear our Head of Product, Justin Dilley, share a bit about why we’re excited to finally be fully integrated with our friends at Pendo. But if—like me—you’re sitting at your desk working and not traveling anywhere at all, allow me to share the relevant details.

Two Products Dedicated to Improving Digital Experiences

FullStory’s mission is to make the web suck less by helping our customers improve the digital experience of their customers. This, in turn, improves the digital experience of everyone online.

That’s why our digital intelligence platform helps you solve problems and find answers. We not only help you understand what’s happening, we help you understand why:

  • Why aren’t my customers engaging with a new feature?
  • Why has my net promoter score (NPS) dropped?
  • Why is conversion through our onboarding flow lagging behind?
  • Why are some customers getting an error message?
  • Why is my new landing page performing so well?

Like FullStory, Pendo shares our drive to make the web a better place by providing product usage analytics, user feedback and personalized guidance and communication tools. Together, our solutions arm product teams with the power to perfect the product experience.

From Product Issues to Product Excellence

Now, FullStory and Pendo work together to make it easy for product teams to find, understand and fix issues in their product experience.

Let’s take an example. Say you’re reviewing low NPS or a drop in engagement in your Pendo account.

Here in Pendo we focus our attention to less than stellar NPS responses from users who spend an outsized amount of time in the product.

Now, when an issue arises in your NPS, you can use FullStory to explore the actual digital experiences of your customers. So whether customer struggle is showing up as frustration signals like Rage Clicks, site or app performance issues, outright bugs—or something else entirely, the FullStory↔Pendo integration means the FullStory sessions you need show up right in Pendo where you need them.

Once the FullStory & Pendo integration is activated, on navigating to the Visitor Detail page in Pendo you'll find a URL under "mostRecentFullStorySession." Open that URL to replay the session in FullStory and see just what was going on before the NPS was given.

Once you understand the issue (Thanks to FullStory), you can use Pendo to take immediate action—for example, by deploying a guide to help users find their way. Then, with this quick fix in place, turn back to FullStory to understand and solve the root problem for good.

The Pendo↔FullStory integration is a powerful way to fix customer struggle fast—and it's now available for Pendo and FullStory customers.

Ready to get started? Head over to the FullStory Help Center and review the integration instructions.