Nothing inspires us more than talking to clients to find out the specific ways they use FullStory to build more intuitive products and tackle day-to-day challenges like solving customer problems.

Our latest success story comes from Gather, a Seattle-based software company with a project management tool designed specifically for interior designers. Gather organizes project details and communication all in one place, wrapped in a beautiful visual layout that projects a professional image to clients and helps designers thrive in their element.

We reached out to Scottie Elliott, co-founder of Gather, to hear how she and her team use FullStory session replay each day to improve their product and simplify customer service.

Furnishing an indispensable look

Scottie shares how FullStory is integral to her company's operations, identifying it as one of the four sites she opens when she starts her day along with the Gather test account, Intercom, and Trello (Both of which integrate into FullStory).

We love FullStory ... we are using it daily about as much as we use our own tool. It's like having access to live user studies all day long.

—Scottie Elliott, co-founder, Gather

Why is FullStory so important? Session replay helps Scottie's team see exactly how their customers use Gather. With the click of a button, they can watch user sessions from start to finish, observing every action and spotting opportunities to pave new desire paths.

When customers run into difficulties, the Gather team can play back in crystal-clear detail the specific reasons why. Scottie likens FullStory to "having access to live user studies all day long."

Turning onboarding into an art

In order to help interior designers spend less time on administrative hassles and more time pursuing their passion, onboarding new users to Gather is critical.

Scottie explains:

We guide new trial users through a series of onboarding instructions. FullStory allows us the opportunity to watch them as they go through this sequence and see where they get stuck and what we need to improve upon.

As a result, everyone wins. Potential customers learn how to use the product and begin enjoying its benefits as quickly as possible. For Gather, that means reducing drop-offs and broadening its client base.

One-touch troubleshooting

Typical customer support requests go something like this:

Customer is frustrated, needs help, and messages support.
Customer support associate asks questions.
Customer becomes more frustrated by trying to explain their problem.
Support associate has no choice but to walk a high-wire balancing act, asking for screenshots and additional details without upsetting the customer further.
Situation escalates ...

FullStory session replay eliminates the need for customer service acrobatics and serves as a safety net that catches all relevant information. Scottie describes how Gather uses FullStory to support customers when Intercom messages come in:

There are times when we receive an Intercom message from a customer that something is not working or they are not able to take an action. Often times, they are in a hurry or can't figure out how to properly explain what's going on.

Without FullStory, we would have to spend precious time going back and forth asking many questions to get a clear understanding of the issue. FullStory allows us to locate that customer and view the situation without having to bog them down with a ton of questions. We typically are able to fix the issue and have them back on track in no time!

FullStory helps Gather simply press play on the user session in question, and watch the sequence of events that led to the issue unfold with their own eyes.

With FullStory, when a customer messages in over Intercom that something is wrong or they need assistance, Gather can jump right into their session live using FullStory.

Discover the chic way to optimize

We're so glad to hear how FullStory has helped Gather bring their vision of elegant, seamless organization to life for their clients.

Thank you to Scottie for sharing her story with us!

Teams everywhere use FullStory session replay to improve the online experience. Want to share your story? Email and tell us about it!