If you haven’t heard, we just launched a game. Yes, like an actual computer game! And a game that's built to frustrate you.

Why'd we do that? Allow me to explain ...

That Stinging Reminder

This past winter, my wife and I had some unexpected house guests. While we love to entertain, these particular guests were pests. Wasps were streaming down our chimney and taking up residence in our living room.

One cold day in January, I saw a wasp lying dead on the floor. I gleefully picked it up to discard it in the bathroom—one down, only a couple hundred left to go! That's when a burning pain started radiating out from my thumb. The wasp was indeed not dead but very much alive—and apparently not very happy with me.

My thumb started swelling up and throbbing. Shocked, I shouted across the house to my wife, “I forgot how painful wasp stings are!” Though it’d been 25 years since my last wasp encounter, I instantly recognized that familiar, undulating pain—pain I first experienced as a child on the playground.


Wasp stings aren’t so different from bad online experiences. Whether it’s a broken checkout flow or a browser crash, painful digital experiences can happen when you least expect them and instantly ruin your mood.

So We Built a Game Designed to Frustrate You

For builders of digital experiences, it's easy to forget just how painful bad experiences can be. What if you had a way to remind yourself how those angst-inducing online experiences feel—a way to remember what it’s like to be "stung" by digital products?

Rage Click: The Game is a browser-based video game that gives you, the player, a very simple mission to complete. You must successfully unsubscribe from the “Stuff in a Box” subscription service.

Go and play at Rage-Click.com

It's that simple.

Of course, there’s a twist. In order to succeed in your mission, you’ll have to click, click, click past unhelpful support agents, “confirmshaming pop-ups,” irrelevant-yet-attention-stealing banner ads, and much more. This game is an amalgam of every soul-crushing digital experience imaginable, conveniently packaged in a rapid-fire 5-minute experience.

When It Comes to Frustrating Experiences, No One Wins

Go and play at Rage-Click.com

While there are many ways to extol the virtues of good customer experience, what we really wanted was to craft an empathy-inducing adventure we could all experience firsthand—a reminder of what online frustration feels like—even if it stings.

Don’t worry, this will only hurt a little. Go play Rage Click: The Game.

And join in on the conversation about it on LinkedIn—and find out how to win limited edition Rage Click swag!

P.S. As for those wasps? We finally got rid of them—only to get stung yesterday by three yellow jackets while mowing the lawn! 😠🐝