User experience vlogger Ran Segall recently did a short video review of FullStory. In it, Ran leads off saying:

[FullStory] is my favorite tool for UX research and one of my favorite products, in general.
—Ran Segall, FLUX Vlogger, Prospero

Watch the six-minute video below:

  • [0:00] The challenging parts of UX research. Part of UX research is interviewing customers, asking them for feedback. The problem with interview-based research is that users who have a bad experience and don't return, aren't likely to provide any feedback. Session replay solves this problem because you can research all user

  • [1:51] Rage Grade in FullStory (More on Rage Grade)

  • [2:21] Look at active users and then go back in time and see their first session

  • [2:52] Using Page Insights > Click Maps (More about Click Maps) reveals opportunity to optimize text entry field

  • [3:37] Tracking issues found in FullStory using a Google Doc

  • [4:20] How analytics fail to reveal what's actually happening in a way that is easy to understand.

  • [5:00] While using FullStory's live replay, an interface problem was revealed and Ran was able to open up Intercom and chat live with the user and get feedback about what could be improved about Prospero (More on live co-browsing; More on using Intercom with FullStory).

You might recall Ran talked about FullStory over the summer last year, calling it "mind-blowing." We're glad he's putting session replay to work to improve the user experience with his product. If you like Ran's videos, be sure and go subscribe to his YouTube channel, Flux!

Thanks, Ran!