T’was a time when it was impossible to share and view FullStory sessions without a full-on FullStory account. T’was also a time when it was somewhat difficult to share a session at any given moment.

Those times … they are over.

If sharing is, in fact, caring, you can now affirm the love and respect you have for your fellow work-humans through FullStory — session sharing and guest accounts are here.

The scourge of shared-sign-in-itis.

FullStory sessions are unique — each a private audience to user successes and/or struggles. Session playback helps us triage support tickets, improve our product’s design, validate marketing hypotheses, and more.

When a valuable session is discovered, we take important notes, document the important bits — and find we need to share that session with others.

For many of our customers, the inability to share FullStory sessions has resulted in an organizational affliction known as shared-sign-in-itis.

Shared-sign-in-itis: Symptoms include mild-to-severe anxiety over seat counts; chronic pestering of colleagues for passwords; general discomfort associated with shared credentials.

In addition to the dreadful malady of shared-sign-in-itis, there’s the sad inability to share sessions with consultants, customers, and other interested parties that aren’t authenticated FullStory users.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to end needless suffering and liberate the sessions!

The cure for shared-sign-in-itis? Guest seats!

Enter Guests — We found providing a guest user feature would eliminate the need to pester account admins to add users. Easier sharing would eschew the practice of sending precious passwords over insecure channels and, with much hope, rid the FullStory universe of the scourge of shared-sign-in-itis.

Go to Settings > Team Settings > Sharing Settings and set approved email address domains.

With just a few clicks in account settings, any FullStory admin can grant access to shared sessions to anyone they wish, whether they work for the company or not (Also see our Knowledge Base article on Sharing sessions with Guests). High-fidelity, empathy-inducing sessions are no longer the domain of a select few log-in holders.

Authorized guests simply receive a FullStory link, verify their email, and voila! Access shared sessions through the latest developments in amazing cookie-web-nology! Guests receive a limited experience, but they can request the full-FullStory experience at any time.

Making the sharing experience better for everyone.

We wanted to make sure the act of sharing was much easier, so we enhanced the experience around note-making and session sharing. From playback, a user can still create notes at any point within a session, but now they can optionally generate a short-link.

Hit the Share button, grab the link, and share away!

That short-link is easily copied and almost as easily pasted wherever you like.

If you create a note and short-link, anytime a user follows that link, their playback will have a little preface with your note. Now it’s easier to point out the thing that made that moment within that session so special.

Anyone who opens your shared short-link will get a nice preface with your note!

Didn’t create a short-link for your note? No problem, you can generate a short-link for existing notes from Highlights or the session’s event list.

Love sharing? Share the love.

What are you waiting for? Get into FullStory and share some sessions.