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Analytics are a natural extension of FullStory as we record everything users do and present that data qualitatively through session replay and quantitatively through aggregated metrics and visualizations.

New Screen Resolution Breakdown in FullStory

Get a breakdown of the most popular screen resolutions for any given search or segment in FullStory....

Tommy Noonan on

See What Clicks Quick With Engagement Heatmaps on FullStory

FullStory now has Engagement Heatmaps. A colorful visual overlay ready from within session replay to show you how aggregate users are interacting with your site or app....

Jaime Yap on

The FullStory on Funnels

Finally a funnel tool for your web analytics needs that can generate path analysis on the fly based on events (URLs visited, buttons clicked, more), and user attributes in whatever linear or non-linear order you require....

Justin Owings on

Why Won't They Click This Button? Conversion Audits for Busy Marketers

Learn how to increase your conversion rates through simple but effective site audits using FullStory session replay....

Justin Owings on

Get Clarity on Marketing Attribution (Without Harming User Experience)

Marketing attribution is hard: first-click, last-click, indirect referrals, offline-to-online, and word-of-mouth all contribute but how do you connect the dots?...

Max Kretchmer on

From Local to Global Maxima: Stop Spinning Your Wheels on Optimization

Stuck in an optimization rut where the changes you make to your site or app yield only marginal returns? Shift from local to global maxima and regain traction. Make the changes that really matter....

Daniel Falko on