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FullStory Culture

FullStory has it's own blend of startup culture. Here you'll find thought leadership on customer experience, SaaS, analytics, management, strategy, and more.

FullStory Goes Remote

We believe FullStorians should have the ability to work from the place where they thrive—whether that's at home, at the office, or a combination of the two....

Sarah Ulrich on

FullStory Spotlight: Four Women Techstars Leading Our Product

We are grateful to have many brilliant women on our team. In this post we spotlight four of our women techstars—these are their stories....

Chelsea Cohen on

FullStory Leadership Spotlight: Jamie Garverick

We sat down with Jamie Garverick, Head of Sales, to talk about what brought him to FullStory and his plan to shape our sales team....

Hunter Garrett on

How We Simulate the Queue to Hire Right for Customer Support

You want to hire the best in customer support but need a way to test their mettle where it counts: in the queue. We built a simulation to do just that!...

Kailee Urban on

Why You Should Optimize Customer Support for Queue-Based Performance

Can you optimize your customer support organization for both speed and quality? See how we create happier support professionals, more loyal customers, and a better quality product....

Ben McCormack on

Block Off Some Time For It

When you're working on your product roadmap, prioritization is everything. Feature requests, product ideas, and desired fixes—What's important? Here's our process for prioritization....

Justin Dilley on