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FullStory session replay helps designers see through the eyes of users, adding a dose of empathy that powers the development of creative solutions—solutions that work within product constraints.

What Drives Rage Clicks?

Rage Clicks happen when users repeatedly click or tap your site/app because they're confused, frustrated, or struggling. Learn common Rage Click examples here....

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What is Session Replay Useful For?

Session replay (a.k.a. session recordings or playback) can speed bug fixes, give support superpowers, boost conversion rates, help understand UX, and more....

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How InVision’s Marketing Experts Think About Customer Experience

An Interview with Danny Greer and Joseph Todaro. In our recently released Marketer’s Guide to Customer Experience we share industry-leading perspectives on how...

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Improving UX with FullStory is Mind-Blowing — Video

Via YouTube channel Flux by Ran Segall (21K subscribers), we watched this great FullStory video testimonial. Ran shares how he recently installed FullStory on...

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What are Desire Paths? Decentralized, Natural Design

Desire paths—desire lines, cow paths, etc.—are more than shortcuts from A→B. They're opportunities created by users to improve products, design, and UX....

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Go Pollock Gets New Users to Demo Their Product

Our latest FullStory use-case comes from start-up Go Pollock. Go Pollock facilitates live feedback from student to teacher and helps educators understand individual student...

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5 Tips for Improving User Onboarding with Session Replay

Onboarding. The first thing potential customers see, and the most important part of your product. Don’t believe us? We’ve got evidence. AppCues...

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