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Engagement Signals

The future of CX analytics pivots on understanding engagement. FullStory is pioneering the category by looking at session metrics, engagement signals, and events suggestive of positive sentiment.

What are Web Heatmaps, Really? (And the 4 Major Problems of Heat Mapping Tools)

Heatmaps visualize aggregate user behaviors (clicks, mouse movements) on a website/app using color. Learn how heat map tools work—and how they don't....

Jaime Yap on

Customer Frustration Explained: See Your Top Rage and Dead Clicks

The power of session replay is that you can see through the eyes of your users and understand what they experienced on your web...

Justin Owings on

Insights on the Top Users for your Web Site or App

At FullStory we capture all the user interactions on your website or web app and intelligently mine that data for insights. Our objective is...

Justin Owings on

Average User Session Stats by Segment

If you’ve ever wanted aggregate, trended “health” metrics for a given segment of your users, then look no further than the just-released Segment...

Justin Owings on

How FullStory Helps TravelPerk Give First-Class Customer Service

Today’s FullStory use-case comes from TravelPerk, a free web app that allows you to book and manage your business travel, helping with price...

Justin Owings on

6 Custom Segments for SaaS-y FullStorians

Recently, I was catching up with some friends who work at a SaaS startup. We were watching their FullStory sessions together and someone super...

Melanie Crissey on