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Find and eliminate JavaScript errors, reproduce bugs, search and see how users are making and breaking your site or app. Engineering is smarter with FullStory.

TravelPerk Improves NPS, Customer Support, and UX with Session Replay

An in-app screenshot from the TravelPerk app, a free web app that allows you to book and manage your business travel.Today’s FullStory use-case comes from TravelPerk, a free...

Justin Owings on

What is Session Replay Useful For?

Note: Though you might have clicked or been tempted to click the “Play” button above, it’s not a play button. Sometimes graphics like...

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FullStory Helps Clubhouse Save Time

Clubhouse has built a project management platform that helps software engineering teams work through the stages of planning, building, and deploying their products. We’...

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The Balance Between Customer Advocacy and Product Management

Customer advocacy is one of those things that seems like it should be simple. A customer has a problem, someone picks that up and...

The Bard on

How to Use Inspect Mode to Drive FullStory Search

PROBLEM: You want to search your user interactions for people who clicked a specific button or element. You know what you’re supposed to...

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FullStory Tip: Track when Elements are Visible on Screen (a.k.a. "Has Seen")

At FullStory we strive to make understanding everything about your customer experience as bionic as possible. While we do a lot already (i.e....

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How Breather Equipped Its Teams to Deliver a Better Product, Together.

As Digital Analytics Director, Simon Trudeau is responsible for everything tracking- and reporting-related at Breather. What is Breather? Breather provides private workspaces where and...

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