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Frustration Metrics

The future of CX analytics centers on engagement. FullStory is pioneering the category with Frustration Metrics like Rage Clicks (and Dead or Error Clicks), Thrashing Cursor, and Form Abandonment.

What Drives Rage Clicks?

Rage Clicks lead to actionable insights about what's broken on your site or app so that you can improve the experience for everyone. Find common drivers of Rage Clicks to avoid in your design and product development....

Justin Owings on

Go Back to School with Rage Grade on FullStory

Rage Grade analyzes the frustration signals generated by your users — like Error Clicks, Rage Clicks, mouse thrashing, and form abandonment — and grades your site’s experience....

Justin Owings on

TravelPerk Improves NPS, Customer Support, and UX with Session Replay

An in-app screenshot from the TravelPerk app, a free web app that allows you to book and manage your business travel.Today’s FullStory...

Justin Owings on

6 Custom Segments for SaaS-y FullStorians

Recently, I was catching up with some friends who work at a SaaS startup. We were watching their FullStory sessions together and someone super...

Melanie Crissey on

What is Session Replay Useful For?

Note: Though you might have clicked or been tempted to click the “Play” button above, it’s not a play button. Sometimes graphics like...

Justin Owings on

5 FullStory Searches You Should be Using

New FullStory customers are often amazed when their first sessions roll in. They watch each and every one, proclaiming, “This is incredible! I know...

Caitlin Brett on

Understand Form Abandonment and Build Better Forms with FullStory

Imagine you’re happily engaging with a web app and want to engage further when you (suddenly!) find yourself staring down a form. Ugh....

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