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More than half of time spent online is through Mobile, making the Mobile channel critical for online businesses—yet poorly understood. That's where FullStory session replay and CX analytics step in.

Three UX Tweaks SpanishDict Found Using FullStory

Our latest FullStory user story comes from SpanishDict — the world’s leading Spanish ⇄ English translation and conjugation tool. We talked to CEO Chris Cummings to learn more about how SpanishDict...

Justin Owings on

Socialie Delivers Content from Brands to Influencers — FullStory Helps

Imagine you’re a pro athlete. You have millions of followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and you interact with your audience on a...

Justin Owings on

Optimize for Every Customer with the Device Breakdown Searchie

As much as we members of the SaaS industry hate to face reality, it’s a terrible practice to optimize your site for desktop...

Stephanie Brubaker on