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Proactive Support

What if you could discover and solve for customer pain points before customers report them? Proactive support is a CX-focused initiative to bridge the gap between customer pain and customer feedback.

What is Session Replay Useful For?

Note: Though you might have clicked or been tempted to click the “Play” button above, it’s not a play button. Sometimes graphics like this can be confusing to users....

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The Future of Proactive Support—The Evolution of Customer Experience

We’ve covered What is Proactive Support? and How Proactive Support is Done Today. Now it’s time to imagine what the future of...

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How Proactive Support is Done Today

A look at implementing proactive support through culture, organizational structure, tools and metrics. In our last post — What is Proactive Support?, we defined proactive...

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What is Proactive Support?

The evolution of customer experience. When Leon Leonwood Beanfirst — better known as L.L. Bean — started selling mail-order boots to hunters in 1912, his...

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Find Issues *Before* They’re Reported

Hey, Stephanie here, one of the engineers at FullStory. Remember back in the day when, after deploying new features to a site, the only...

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