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Product Development

Session replay helps product developers see what users see when they interact with software. FullStory's search and analytics focus developers on the relevant insights that drive product improvements.

Flex Your Empathy Muscles to Build Better Products

To build a better site or app, you first must listen to and understand your customers' concerns. Learn three ways that product developers can use empathy to build better products and user experiences....

Daniel Falko on

Does What Makes Us Tick Also Make Us Tap?

Human beings have many wonderful qualities, but often, predicability is not one of them. How do you design websites and apps for complex individuals who tend to go off script and interact with products in unforeseen ways?...

Daniel Falko on

How FullStory Helps TravelPerk Give First-Class Customer Service

An in-app screenshot from the TravelPerk app, a free web app that allows you to book and manage your business travel.Today’s FullStory...

Justin Owings on

3 Ways FullStory is “Indispensable” in Improving Travel Booking

Travel Syndication Technology (aka TST) is an online travel booking software company based in Atlanta, Georgia, that has built an innovative private label solution...

Justin Owings on

7 Ways FullStory Helps Socialie Arm Influencers with Content

Imagine you’re a pro athlete. You have millions of followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and you interact with your audience on a...

Justin Owings on

How to Convince Your Product Manager that a Bug Needs Fixing

Let’s say you work in Customer Support. On Monday morning, you open your support inbox and notice a few complaints about something in...

Justin Owings on