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Product Features

FullStory is always adding features to our session replay and customer experience analytics platform. Find here our take on the latest FullStory improvements.

Go Back to School with Rage Grade on FullStory

Rage Grade analyzes the frustration signals generated by your users — like Error Clicks, Rage Clicks, mouse thrashing, and form abandonment — and grades your site’s experience....

Justin Owings on

Insights on the Top Users for your Web Site or App

At FullStory we capture all the user interactions on your website or web app and intelligently mine that data for insights. Our objective is...

Justin Owings on

Average User Session Stats by Segment

If you’ve ever wanted aggregate, trended “health” metrics for a given segment of your users, then look no further than the just-released Segment...

Justin Owings on

Understand Form Abandonment and Build Better Forms with FullStory

Imagine you’re happily engaging with a web app and want to engage further when you (suddenly!) find yourself staring down a form. Ugh....

Justin Owings on

Pricing, Packaging, and Continuity at FullStory

I half-jokingly paraphrase our mission as “all we want is for FullStory to help make all software perfect for all humans, okay?” How does...

Bruce Johnson on

Web Analytics for Most Error Clicked Elements

We keep pushing to do more of the heavy-lifting — surfacing the insights you need to improve your web apps so you don’t have...

Justin Owings on

How to Use Inspect Mode to Drive FullStory Search

PROBLEM: You want to search your user interactions for people who clicked a specific button or element. You know what you’re supposed to...

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