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Product Management

Product management works when teams share a common goal and work from reliable, relevant, and shared data. FullStory is a cross-company platform that affords teams access to a single source of truth.

Here’s How to Create Effective In-App Engagements You Can TRUSt

In-app engagements can help users get more value out of your product. To make them effective, use the right technology and framework. Here's how you get started....

Riana Upton on

PandaDoc Improves Their Product, Boosts NPS, and Debugs Fast With FullStory

Sales document management service PandaDoc uses FullStory to find product improvements, boost NPS scores, and solve software bugs fast....

Daniel Falko on

How to Turn NPS Surveys Into Digital Customer Experience Improvements

Do you know the "why" behind the "what" of your Net Promoter Score (NPS)? Now you can get more from every NPS survey and drive CX improvements—with FullStory....

Melanie Crissey on

How Grow Used FullStory to Drive an 8X Increase in Onboarding Conversion

Startup Grow optimized their onboarding experience, increasing conversions 8X from 10 to 80%, with the help of insights from FullStory. Here's their story....

Justin Owings on

The Good and Bad of Product Friction | FullStory Live

Learn how to identify product friction, solve for different types, and why it's not always bad on this episode of FullStory Live....

Hunter Garrett, Melanie Crissey on

How OKRs and Agile Methodologies Work Together | FullStory Live

Find out the pros and cons of OKR and Agile, tips on how they can work together, and which works best for your team on this episode of FullStory Live....

Hunter Garrett, Hanna Woodburn on