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Product Management

Product management works when teams share a common goal and work from reliable, relevant, and shared data. FullStory is a cross-company platform that affords teams access to a single source of truth.

Replay Reveals UX Issue, Inspires Solution for Tech Startup

Understanding the user experience is hard. Here's how Tray uses FullStory session replay to understand confusing UX and improve their product....

Justin Owings on

6 Custom Segments for SaaS-y FullStorians

Recently, I was catching up with some friends who work at a SaaS startup. We were watching their FullStory sessions together and someone super...

Melanie Crissey on

What is Session Replay Useful For?

Session replay (a.k.a. session recordings or playback) can speed bug fixes, give support superpowers, boost conversion rates, help understand UX, and more....

Justin Owings on

FullStory Helps Clubhouse Save Time

Clubhouse has built a project management platform that helps software engineering teams work through the stages of planning, building, and deploying their products. We’...

Justin Owings on

The Balance Between Customer Advocacy and Product Management

Customer advocacy is one of those things that seems like it should be simple. A customer has a problem, someone picks that up and...

Daniel Falko on

How InVision Picks the Right Product Management Tools for Support

Support teams almost always know more about their customers than anyone they work with. They’re talking to them constantly, whether through email, chat,...

Jaclyn Spangler on

Letting Design into the Heart of Engineering

Engineers build amazing things, but in many cases we’re shielded from the customer experience by layers of product management, UX, and design. Consider...

Stephanie Brubaker on