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Research is expensive to run, easy to do wrong, and time-consuming to complete. FullStory makes every user experience on your web site or app a source of raw user behavior, discoverable through search.

Wherefore Art Thou, Usability Testing?

Usability testing is as necessary to understand the User Experience as it is difficult to pull off successfully. User testers for hire lack the intrinsic motivations of real, actual users. What if there was a better way?...

Daniel Falko on

Shopify Improves Their Help Center With Session Replay

Help centers are scary—users need answers that solve their product or service problems. Shopify improves the user experience on their knowledge base using a combination of session replay in FullStory and Optimizely A/B tests....

Justin Owings on

How We Helped AWeber Tap Into the Mind of the Mobile User

Founded in 1998, AWeber is an email marketing platform that helps 100,000+ small businesses, email marketers, and entrepreneurs create and send emails to...

Justin Owings on

How Wistia’s Growth Team Uses FullStory to Run Experiments

If you’ve toughed out the early stages of building a product from scratch, it can seem like the launch of your product is...

Justin Owings on

Building a Customer Support Culture for Management and Growth

Results from 2017 customer support professionals survey conducted by FullStory and Support Driven. In partnership with Support Driven, we sent a survey to 87...

Daniel Falko on

Combating Bias in User Testing

Many of us know the bewildered feeling that often washes over us while we watch a user test our product for the first time....

Amy Ellis on