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Search is the critical path of discovery for relevant and timely answers that prevents us from drowning in data. FullStory search is the engine behind finding the CX answers your teams need.

Search and Segment FullStory Sessions—Replay What Matters Most

Search and segment session recordings based on users, interactions, or events in FullStory to filter your analysis to the results that matter most....

Josh Teague on

Replay the Most Frustrated User Sessions

Are users struggling on your site or app? Get a list of the Most Frustrated User Sessions for each and every Search and Segment you create in FullStory....

Aditya Kulkarni on

Learn from Power Users and Power-Up Your Product

Power users know your product backwards and forwards—find them in FullStory and learn how they get value from your product so you can improve it for all your users....

Justin Owings on

5 FullStory Searches You Should be Using

Troubleshoot bounce rate and form abandonment, analyze product engagement, find software bugs, and find when customers get lost New FullStory customers are often amazed...

Caitlin Brett on

No More Trial and Error Message—Search for Sessions Where Users Triggered an Error

At FullStory we strive to make understanding everything about your customer experience as bionic as possible. While we do a lot already (i.e....

Justin Owings on

Searching at the Speed of Thought

When you sit down in front of a modern search engine, like Google, what comes naturally to you? Do you spend a few moments...

Caitlin Brett on