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Session Replay

Recording user sessions—down to every click, swipe, or tap—allows you the to replay user interactions on the web as if it was video, unlocking insights that aren't possible with simple web analytics.

How Farmstead Used FullStory to 20X Their Conversion Rate

Our latest use-case comes from Farmstead, a same-day, farm-to-fridge grocery delivery service currently live in the Bay Area. Farmstead, which operates as a subscription service, found that if shoppers would...

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The High Cost of Web Analytics

Insights are expensive even if the tool is "free." Talk of web analytics tools can conjure up thoughts of visits, bounce rates,...

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Three UX Tweaks SpanishDict Found Using FullStory

Our latest FullStory user story comes from SpanishDict — the world’s leading Spanish ⇄ English translation and conjugation tool. We talked to CEO Chris Cummings...

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AWeber uses Session Replay and Click Maps to Improve Online Experience

Founded in 1998, AWeber is an email marketing platform that helps 100,000+ small businesses, email marketers, and entrepreneurs create and send emails to...

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How Wistia’s Growth Team Uses FullStory To Run Experiments

If you’ve toughed out the early stages of building a product from scratch, it can seem like the launch of your product is...

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Customer Journey Maps, Session Replay, and the Power of Empathy

Customer journey maps are visualizations that help teams deeply understand the customer experience through sparking an empathetic response. All for the purpose of building...

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Improving UX with FullStory is Mind-Blowing — Video

Via YouTube channel Flux by Ran Segall (21K subscribers), we watched this great FullStory video testimonial. Ran shares how he recently installed FullStory on...

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