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Tips and Tricks

We make it easy to understand interactions on your web site or app easy, but there's great complexity beneath the surface. Find here ways to get even more out of FullStory's CX analytics platform.

Integrate FullStory with Landing Lion

Landing Lion is a web page building service that helps you create beautiful, custom landing pages on-the-fly. With Landing Lion, it's easy to run A/B tests, optimize for conversions...

Justin Owings on

Learn from Power Users and Power-Up Your Product

Power users know your product backwards and forwards—find them in FullStory and learn how they get value from your product so you can improve it for all your users....

Justin Owings on

4 Brain Hacks to Boost Productivity

For many of us, to-do lists are like productivity catnip. Check, check, check — clearing a long list of tasks, one after the other, just...

The Bard on

6 Custom Segments for SaaS-y FullStorians

Recently, I was catching up with some friends who work at a SaaS startup. We were watching their FullStory sessions together and someone super...

Melanie Crissey on

5 FullStory Searches You Should be Using

New FullStory customers are often amazed when their first sessions roll in. They watch each and every one, proclaiming, “This is incredible! I know...

Caitlin Brett on

How to Use Click Maps for Analysis of User Interactions on your Web App

From any session replay, you can activate Page Insights, which activates an interactive layer highlighting the top 25 elements ranked in order by their...

Justin Owings on

How to Use Inspect Mode to Drive FullStory Search

PROBLEM: You want to search your user interactions for people who clicked a specific button or element. You know what you’re supposed to...

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