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Refine Your Rage Clicks Results

Rage Clicks can signal user frustration—rapid-fire clicks act as a proxy for struggle that's captured in session recordings. But what if those clicks are working as designed?...

Melanie Crissey on

Integrate FullStory with Landing Lion

Integrating FullStory with Landing Lion ensures that when users go between your native web pages and those built using Landing Lion, you don't miss a thing....

Justin Owings on

Learn from Power Users and Power-Up Your Product

Power users know your product backwards and forwards—find them in FullStory and learn how they get value from your product so you can improve it for all your users....

Justin Owings on

4 Brain Hacks to Boost Productivity

Do you always feel like you're running around checking to-do items but never making progress? Work smarter—not harder—with these 4 tips....

The Bard on

5 FullStory Searches You Should be Using

New FullStory customers are often amazed when their first sessions roll in. They watch each and every one, proclaiming, “This is incredible! I know...

Caitlin Brett on