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FullStory delivers 411% ROI to an enterprise retailer according to a new Total Economic Impact study

How an enterprise retailer that deploys FullStory's digital experience analytics platform saw ROI of 411% and payback in under three months....

Natasha Wahid on

Simplify search and easily customize your FullStory experience with Defined Events

Defined Events are a new FullStory feature that allow FullStory users to quickly and easily assign custom names to key data points right from the user interface....

Madison Eubanks on

How our product team uses FullStory on FullStory to remove friction and optimize the user login flow

We explore how we used FullStory to discover (and fix!) issues in our user login flow, to create a more seamless first touchpoint for our users....

Madison Eubanks on

What digital experience leaders do differently: Findings from the State of Digital Experience 2020

New original research reveals what digital experience leaders do differently and provides a roadmap to increase your digital experience maturity....

Natasha Wahid on

Automate Customer-Centricity with FullStory +

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with leading general automation platform,

Amy Ellis on

3 ways to get closer to your customers with the new FullStory + Survicate integration

We’re excited to announce a native, code-free (and free of charge) integration with the versatile customer feedback tool, Survicate....

Amy Ellis on